Web Exclusive: Man calls 911 on horned, 4 legged intruder

Web Exclusive

(CNN/KFOR) - An Oklahoma City man thought someone was breaking into his house...

Only to find the intruder had four legs and horns.  Police say the goat got angry when they arrived and refused to back down!

"I heard some rumbling and I freaked out I thought that somebody was trying to break into the house, and then I come out here and check it. Then I see it coming towards me and so I run back inside.  Heck no," says Edgar Cardoza.

Edgar thought it was a burglar, but turns out... "It was a goat.  I don't know what it was. It was like a ram I think. Can't really tell," says Edgar.

It's big, has horns and was using those horns to try to get inside Edgar's house.  That's when Edgar did the only thing he knew to do.  He called 911.

"First somebody called and said that there was a goat running around the neighborhood and as we were driving to it the homeowner where the goat actually was called in too to say that a ram was trying to beat down his front door," says Lt. Jeff Spruill, Oklahoma City Police.

Police responded to the scene.  "We got there it wasn't a ram it was a goat, but it was trying to beat down his front door," says Lt. Jeff Spruill, Oklahoma City Police.

Edgar refused to come out of his house again and that's when the goat turned his attention to police, going after them and trying to get inside their police cars.

"It's pretty scary when it charges at you," says Edgar. 

"The front door was like this, and they had a window right here and the goat is right here hitting the front door and so you can see the tell tell signs of someone peeking out the blinds, but they never came to the door. We had to communicate with them through dispatch," Lt. Jeff Spruill, Oklahoma City Police.

And normally Edgar communicates to anyone who thinks about breaking into his house with a sign, telling possible intruders he doesn't dial 911, but the goat was an exception.

"I don't want to hurt an animal," says Edgar.

"If it were a burglar, a human burglar on their front porch we know how to deal with that. We're trained and equipped, but we don't know how to deal with a goat. We go deal with the things that nobody else wants to," says Lt. Jeff Spruill, Oklahoma City Police.  

They dealt with him, but if he had been an actual person...  "It would be attempted burglary."

Edgar Cardoza says his neighbor uses that goat as a guard dog.  The goat is now back with its owner.


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