Web Exclusive: Mayor's race turns into a zoo for a good cause

Web Exclusive

(CNN/KUSA) - The race for mayor of divide, Colorado, is turning into a real zoo.  Even with 11 candidates running for office, not a single one of them is like you or me.  A group of animals are running for mayor, but they are doing it for a good cause.

When you cut through Divide, Colorado, you might not realize what separates it from other towns is its breed of politics.  It's not often you stumble upon a mayor who stumbles as much as Walter the cat.  Some might say 'a cat? As mayor?

"Most of them say, 'are you kidding?' And we say, 'no. We're not kidding,'" says Janet Smith, a resident.

Until they learn about the guys and gals looking to succeed said cat.  Take for instance Keyni the wolf, Pa Kettle the blood hound, Teddy the mutt, Herbie the donkey and Buster the cat, to name a few.  Of course, there are sidekicks like buster's girlfriend, Halee Berry, but the main focus is on the candidates themselves, and most are running brutal campaigns.

Well, they've forced candidates like Buster the cat to invest in guards.  The only candidate taking the clean route is Blackberry the hedgehog and while they all have their differences. There is one thing they have in common: they want to help the poor animals in their community.

The Teller County Regional Animal Shelter is the only no-kill shelter in Teller County, but it struggles to survive. This election serves as a fundraiser of sorts.  Each vote costs a dollar and every dollar goes to the shelter.

"The last election we made about 88-hundred dollars and right now we're right at $9,000," says said Nancy Adams, fundraising coordinator at TCRAS.

The money raised will help hundreds of abandoned animals who end up here each year.

So, while some might snicker at the thought of an animal serving as mayor of a town, remember this: what that donkey, hedgehog, cat, dog, wolf and everyone else on the ballot is doing represents something good.

"Anyone of them would be a good mayor, I think," says Marti Benson, a local veterinarian.

The town is able to hold this election on Tuesday, because there is no real mayor of divide.



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