Web Exclusive: Morning coffee to cost you more soon?

Web Exclusive

(CBS) - The cost of your morning cup of coffee keeps going up! The CEO of Dunkin Donuts says the rising cost of coffee will likely cause prices for a Cup of Joe to go up in store, but not by much.  He says franchise owners could make up the difference for higher coffee costs by raising prices on items like donuts and breakfast sandwiches, because coffee is such an important market for the company.  Coffee prices have risen because of concerns over a drought in Brazil.  

A majority of Americans say they would be willing to pay more at the pump for a smoother ride on the road.  In a new survey from AAA, more than half of Americans say they would pay higher fuel taxes if it meant better roads, bridges and mass transit systems. And 68% of Americans believe the federal government should increase spending on infrastructure.
Amazon is moving in on PayPal.  The online retailer launched a new service mondMondaybecome a middleman between customers and companies.  
More than 240 million Americans already have their credit card information stored with Amazon.  The new Amazon payment button can be used to automatically pay for recurring charges like phone bills or digital music subscriptions.  Amazon collects a fee for each transaction.
The E3 convention opens today in Los Angeles.  Last night, Sony announced big plans to bring the Playstation TV to the U.S.  The TV is like a game streamer.  Gamers can connect it to their home network and get "Playstation 4" on TVs throughout their homes.  The TV is expected to cost $99 dollars or $139 with a controller.


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