Web Exclusive: Music video directors staying innovative on a budget

Web Exclusive: Music video directors staying innovative on a budget

(CNN) - The music industry is constantly changing. The budgets for music videos is getting tighter, but a trio of innovative directors from Atlanta, Georgia are keeping costs down without changing the quality of their music videos.

Under the hot, mid-day Atlanta sun Diwang Valdez is on the grind.  Valdez is part of a trio of directors, known as Motion Family. Together, the young Atlanta-based filmmakers have become renowned for their innovative cinema verite approach to hip-hop videos.

"With the music industry changing, and budgets continually dropping, technology has played a big part in our success," says Sebastian "C-Bass" Urrea.

In the age of viral videos and self-taught videographers, it was a chance purchase that helped the trio helped build a niche.

"Diwang bought the DSLR [camera] for photography," says David KA. "And we were reading online about it, oh it's got cool video. So we tested it and we were like, 'Woah, this is insane!'"

Five years later the camera helped establish their gritty documentary style.  Never afraid to try something new.

"The fact that you can just use your phone and just kind of self edit, or edit while you're shooting.  With this video, since we're only using one location, it's going to look like a regular rap video, but the transitions we're using are ones that you would see on Vine," says Diwang Valdez.

Today they're shooting the latest music video for rap superstar Ludacris, an artist the three listened to growing up. Now he's a fan of theirs.

"Their creativity their passion for what they do, their vision, is unmatched in my opinion," says Ludacris.

The group has thrived by keeping costs low for record labels and quality high for the viewer.

"For me it's a dream, man. I was born in Medellin, in Colombia. My family, ya know, my dad came to America to chase the American dream and here I am doing that," says Sebastian "C-Bass" Urrea.

It's the same for Valdez,whose father came to the U.S. from the Philippines, he says, with just $7 in his pocket. For director, David KA, the group's only Atlanta born member, the dream is just beginning.

"Work really isn't work for me. Ya know. It's fun, it's something that I've always loved to do. And I feel very lucky that I get to do that," says David KA.

But having earned their reputation for a raw and authentic narrative, Motion Family's supporters would say luck has nothing to do with it.


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