Web Exclusive: Need a car that parallel parks itself?

Web Exclusive: Need a car that parallel parks itself?

(CNN) - Do you think you're an expert parallel parker, or maybe you struggle to get it just right? Well, there's a new car that may be just what you need.  The wheels on the car are able to turn 90 degrees sideways -- and parallel park.  The electric car is the first of it's kind.  It was just unveiled as a joint project between engineers in New Zealand and China.  The car is expected to sell for around $10,000 dollars, not including the battery. But keep practicing your own parallel parking, the car won't be commercially available for at least two more years. 

If you thought your community pool was crowded during the hot summer weekends, you haven't seen a pool in China.  There were literally waves of thousands of swimmers in a pool in Southwest China.  While the area is undergoing a heat wave, nearly 15,000 people visited the indoor wave pool this past Saturday.  That's almost triple what pool designers had intended.
Pool administrators had to take extra steps to prevent any danger from all those trying to beat the heat.

One Tennessee town has a unique claim to fame.  Speed limit signs in Trenton read 31 mph.
No, not 30, 31.  May sound strange, but this is no mistake.  So, where did this weird speed limit come from?  According to the town historian, it goes back to a 1960's city council meeting to get people to pay more attention to the speed limit. 

The Sharknado storm hasn't cleared just yet.  The horror film set a record over the weekend becoming the most-watched encore of an original movie in Sy-Fy history.  It had a record 2.1-million viewers on Saturday.  Social media buzz could be a big factor.  On Twitter, "Sharknado" clocked 5,000 tweets per minute during its peak.  A sequel is already in the works.


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