Web Exclusive: New attraction opens at Sea World Orlando in time for summer

Web Exclusive

(CNN/Central Florida News 13) -  Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is SeaWorld Orlando's newest attraction.  The ride transports families into a rarely seen, icy world to explore a massive penguin colony up close and personal. 

There are 250 penguins inside SeaWorld's brand new and largest attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.  In order to see him, you have to go on the ride

"You think you're, not [really] gonna hit the walls, but you go like this and turn around and see a penguin thing there, and you see a penguin thing there," said Jack Hanna. "So you're learning throughout the entire ride, but you're having fun."

SeaWorld says you've never been on a ride vehicle like this because it's wireless and trackless, a first of its kind theme park ride.

"We've broken all the boundaries in theme park design," says Creative Director Brian Morrow.

The Creative Director says the eight passenger vehicles are highly intelligent and unpredictable.

"In fact, I was on one last night that met up with another vehicle," Morrow said. "He did a penguin maneuver and penguins will recognize each other and we mimicked, back and forth."

Here is where the "wow moment" happens on the ride. A penguin named Puck encounters an angry leopard seal and suddenly your vehicle whips around and boom you're blasted with freezing cold air and you're face to face with real penguins. 

"You simply walk right out into the penguin's world - no barriers, no glass," smiled Morrow.

You'll find four species of penguins inside this icy habitat. From start to finish this experience inside this icy habitat takes 25 minutes. 

For more information on the SeaWorld's Antarctica exhibit, click here.



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