Web Exclusive: New GM CEO getting paid more than male predecessor

Web Exclusive

(CBS) - General Motors says it will pay CEO Mary Barra $14.4 million in cash and stock bonuses this year.  That's about 60% more than her male predecessor.  GM released the information after rumors that suggested Barra was being under compensated because she's a woman 

The hackers, who stole millions of credit and debit card numbers from Target and Neiman Marcus, do not appear to be part of any type of coordinated attack against the U.S. economy.  
That's according to a federal task force.  

Kraft cheese is getting a little more natural.  The company is removing an artificial preservative, sorbic acid, from its most popular individually wrapped cheese slices.  The move affects full-fat American and white American Kraft Singles.  Many companies are revising their recipes as Americans look for more natural products.

Starbucks is speaking out about a parody coffee shop called Dumb Starbucks that opened in L.A. The company says "while we appreciate the humor, they cannot use our name, which is 
a protected trademark."  L.A. health inspectors shutdown Dumb Starbucks saying it didn't have the proper permits.  It turns out this was all a publicity stunt by a Canadian comic.



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