Web Exclusive: New trend of tablet viewing at bedtime

Web Exclusive: New trend of tablet viewing at bedtime

(CNN) - Pre-bedtime rituals are hard to change, but it seems that the habit of flipping on the television before bed might just be one of those things that some people are switching to tablets.   
We already know many Americans watch videos before bed. But how are they watching them? 
The trend seems to be switching on your smartphone, tablet or iPad for a few minutes of bedtime viewing.

Motorola mobility surveyed 9,500 people in 17 countries and said, "Consumers are watching an enormous amount of video, in some surprising ways, in unexpected places." 46% of the people surveyed said they watched videos on their smartphones before bed. 41% said they watched on a tablets and by comparison only 36% said they watch TV before or after getting in to bed. 

Motorola said this shows that customers want more flexibility in how and where they watch videos, TV shows, and movies -- something traditional TV viewing doesn't provide. 

Another interesting take-away from the survey, people are watching more with the number of hours of TV viewing almost double what it was just two years ago. That's up from 10 hours in 2011 to 19 hours in 2013. If you add movie watching into the mix, that's an additional five to six hours a week. That means most of us are watching more than a full day of TV, movies, and videos each week.

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