Web Exclusive: New twist on the "birds and the bees" talk

Web Exclusive


(KOAT) - A whole new twist to the "birds and the bees talk. Now, teens in New Mexico can text their questions about sex to a special hotline, avoiding an uncomfortable chat with mom and dad.

"I think that's great, the more education, the more communication they have to better educate themselves on whatever question they have," says Cecilia Rosales, a mom.  "I think that's perfect."

The New Mexico Department of Health Program has a cool, catchy name, "Birds and Bees."
The text questions go out to an organization in North Carolina.

Every message ends encouraging the teen to talk to a parent or another trusted adult.

"I think that's a good answer, then yet who is answering these texts? What qualifications do they have and stuff," says Larry Martinez.  "That's another thing we got to look at also."

Certified health educators with years of experience answer the questions.

"For the past several years we have had very high teen birth rates and we just feel this will be an asset to help reduce the teen birth rate," says Valerie Fisher, New Mexico Health Dept.

This isn't just for teens. Parents can text their questions too and get tips on how to talk to teens about sex and relationships.



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