Web Exclusive: North Texans renting their homes for Final Four

(CNN/WFAA) - As the Final Four comes to Texas, residents in Arlington are offering up their homes to March Madness fans and hoping to make a little money in the process.  A quick search of Craigslist turns up a couple of dozen people offering to rent rooms, homes even dorms to basketball fans searching for a place to stay. Backyards are on offer for people "who want to crash with a tent."  Someone is also willing to be "a concierge, private chef, personal assistant, and tour guide" to the people who rent his North Dallas apartment. Even the University of Texas at Arlington -- up for rent.  Arlington city officials say while no ordinances prohibit homeowners from renting a room or their house, they are subject to paying a hotel occupancy tax.

Oprah Winfrey celebrates a major ratings win.  Her once troubled network, OWN, saw it's audience jump by nearly 50% in the last quarter due largely to new programming.  This makes own the fasting growing cable channel for women ages 25 to 54, a key demographic for advertisers.

Get ready for Moon TV.  Science Channel and Discovery Channel announced Wednesday the networks will be the television homes for the Google Lunar X-Prize.  The 30-million-dollar competition challenges private companies to land an unmanned craft on the moon by December 31st, 2015.  To claim the prize, the craft must travel 500 meters and transmit live pictures back to earth.  Science Channel and Discovery Channel will broadcast the entire process from testing to lift-off and live coverage of the lunar landing.

Microsoft has introduced its answer to Siri.  It's called Cortana, named after the artificial intelligence character in the video game, "Halo."  Cortana replaces the search function on the new Windows phone software.  Microsoft unveiled the update at its build developers conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.  The "personal digital assistant" can search the internet, set up alarms and shift calendar appointments, among other things.



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