Web Exclusive: North Texas home invasion caught on camera

Web Exclusive

(CNN) Three masked robbers broke into a North Texas man's home, attacking him in bed and it's all captured on video. The crooks are still on the loose, but deputies hope someone will recognize the culprits and turn them in. 

   It all starts with a kick at a side door at 3:33 a.m. last Monday in the small rural community of Al Vord. Suddenly three masked men rush in, one after the other.They head straight for the bedroom where the victim is asleep, only his 2 dogs were fully alert.

"I don't think they planned on the victim fighting back and that probably spooked them."

One of the men tries to subdue the startled victim, who begins to wage the fight of his life.

   The would-be-thief begin pummels the man in his own bed. The victim's legs and arms flailing frantically as he tries to fight off the attacker. The terrifying attack is mostly off screen, but the victim continues to struggle arms and legs thrashing.You  can see the feathers from the bed pillows flying.

  The ordeal lasts less than 20 seconds total. Then the men finally retreat, the first intruders mask was ripped from his face, as he ran away he glanced unknowingly into a camera the homeowner has installed just in case of a break in or theft.

"If those guys, those three guys had picked the wrong house, went into someone's home who actually had a firearm close by it very well could have been lights out for those three gentlemen."

Instead, a camera shines a light on a crime that police believe they'll be able to solve.

The sheriff said there have only been two other home invasions in Wise County this year.
They've been solved, and were instances where the victim knew the culprits. In this case, the victim did not know his attackers, but investigators don't think the break-in was random.



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