Web Exclusive: Out with the New at JC Penney; In with the Old

Web Exclusive

(CNN/CBS) - At J.C. Penney it's out with 'new' and in with the 'old'.  After just 16 months on the job, CEO Ron Johnson is stepping down.  His risky strategy to overhaul the department store led to a massive drop in sales. Johnson was criticized for doing away with sales and coupons at the department store last year in favor of everyday low prices.  Mike Ullman will take over.  He was CEO of Penney's for 7 years until Johnson replaced him in 2011.

Driving and texting is illegal in California and so is using your smartphone's mapping 'app'.  A judge ruled that California's 'no-texting while driving law' prohibits using a handheld cell phone no matter what the driver is doing.  From chatting with friends to using a GPS 'app' to get directions.

A company in Indiana hopes to help employees stay fit and stay active by letting them walk at their desk. The concept is pretty simple: strap on your sneakers, log onto your computer, and hop on your treadmill.  The standing desk with an adjustable treadmill lets employees at Brown and Brown Insurance get a little exercise while they work.  The wellness committee at Brown and Brown wanted to break up the typical work day and get people out of the cubicle for a little while.  The committee first considered desks where employees could stand while they work. Instead, the committee decided the more people could move around, the better they would feel.

Old Spice is breaking into the soap business.  Procter and gamble, which owns the aftershave brand, is rolling out a line of bar soaps later this month.  To promote the product, Old Spice will start airing TV ads today poking fun at traditional soap ads.  Sales of body wash may be stronger, but P&G says its own research shows bar soap is still popular among men.


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