Web Exclusive: Painting bulldog in Texas winning fans

(CNN) - A bulldog in Texas is gaining quite the following. Piper's owner discovered she is quite the painter.   She's already sold more than 50 works of art. 

Jessica Stone, the dog's owner is an artist. "If I didn't draw, I painted or made jewelry.
I always have to be creative.  I feel like, I know this sounds cheesy, but I feel like my soul will die if I don't have a creative outlet," says Jessica. 

But when Stone and her husband adopted a rescue dog from San Antonio Bulldog Rescue last fall, she was astonished to find the animal rushing to the studio.  "You want to paint girl?" asks Stone.  Every time Piper detected a painting session about to begin, she headed to the studio.
"She basically told me she was interested in painting.  She gave me the idea," says Stone.
"I know that sounds crazy, but it's true, by the way she behaved every time I would paint.
She gets upset if I paint and I don't let her paint."  Skeptics might say, 'hey, all she's doing is chewing a brush and you're putting paper up there and taking the result.  "If people are skeptical, well then it's their loss because they're missing out on a beautiful thing," says Stone.  "I've always been honest about the fact that she chews on the brush and I held the paper and I change her colors, but good luck trying to get your dog to do it."

For grins, Stone posted one of Piper's pieces on her Facebook page.  It sold within a week and a few months later, Stone quit counting Piper's sales after they passed the fifty mark.  "She has over, I think, 2700 fans now on Facebook.  She has her own business card, e-mail, Web site," says Stone. 

Now, Piper isn't exactly getting rich, but she is making enough money to cover her own medical bills and to pay for things like her web site and PayPal fees.  On top of that, a percentage of her income goes back to the rescue group that saved her life.  She also donates some of her paintings to other rescue groups for them to sell.


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