Web Exclusive: Painting Poodle

Web Exclusive: Painting Poodle

 KENTUCKY (CNN) - Dog's honest truth, we've found a painting poodle.

A six-year-old... 

"He took on pretty fast."

Who just picked up a brush last year, Will be featured in an auction gallery alongside nationally renowned artists.

"I would say it should go for several hundred dollars at the event."

And, like all abstract art...

"Do you see a horse here?"

You may interpret the acrylic painting differently than she does.

"A bird landing on a plant... This is a fabulous abstract; there's a great color palette."

Not that Ann Sheltz is a parent trying to make a profit.... 

"I have no interest in selling it myself; i wanted it to be of benefit."

"Did you paint? Very nice!"

Because the a real-Picasso behind the canvas is Polo.

"After he understood to not chew the paintbrush, then it pretty much went fine, but it was pretty much take and chew!"

Sheltz knew if Polo learned key commands...

"Take, hold, carry and touch."

He could pick up her talent.

"It just made sense, since I train and I paint that my dog would paint. So, it just seems like it made sense that the two of them went together."

"Polo, get the brush!"

Poodles are retrievers. All it takes is time, patience and a treat.

"Oh, good boy!"

Since Ann doesn't sell Polo's paintings, it made sense to donate one to benefit other canines and cats.

"It is a great conversation piece because it's a painting by a pet at an event to raise money for pets."

A six-year-old whose work is is expected to fetch hundreds of dollars.

"It amazes me that there's a swan!"

"Ah, that was a nice one, buddy!"


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