Web Exclusive: Pastor packing gun stops robbery

Web Exclusive

(CNN) - An Indiana pastor turned the table on a suspected robber by pulling out his own gun.

"He was telling me to get on the ground but that's when I pulled my weapon and said no you get on the ground"

It's something Pastor Carl Sanders can laugh about now, but at the time, he was all business.

"I knew that he had something in his hand and I wasn't going to let him get to me first"

Pastor Sanders is talking about this man -- Jermaine Marshall, the suspect, who authorities say was attempting to rob a store clerk at this Dollar General store.  That is, until Pastor Sanders stepped in.

"I seen a young man bouncing up and down with a bandana on his face but i didnt see no people. i saw him pushing one of the employees"

And that's when -- Pastor Sanders says -- Marshall turned -- what appeared to be a gun wrapped in plastic -- on him.

"He was coming at me saying get on the ground but i couldnt see what he had"

So Pastor Sanders decided to fight fire with fire -- by pulling out his own gun -- taking control of the situation.

"I told him dont move. put your face down on the ground. dont even look at me right now and i just told him this is out of love." 

Many are now calling Pastor Sanders a hero.  But he says he was simply in the right place at the right time, doing what he had to do.

"I laid my life down for some people and know that it was going to be ok"

And it turned out everyone involved was OK, Including the employees and customers hiding in the back of the store.  For the suspect -- Jermaine Marshall -- the pastor hopes this was a learning experience.

"The didnt deserve to be hurt but i wanted him to just know you can't do this."

Sanders stood over Marshall until police arrived. The weapon Marshall appeared to be holding turned out to be a plastic spoon.


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