Web Exclusive: Pastor pushes pink Cadillac

(CNN) - An Atlanta pastor is something of a holy roller with his classic pink Cadillac.
He draws attention with his cool car, but he's also using it to draw in cash for a cause.

Aretha Franklin sang about one,Clint Eastwood took one on a wild ride, and one Atlanta driver turns heads every time he takes it out of the garage.

"I am standing next to the pride and joy of my family and that is a 1958 pink Cadillac.

Victor Pentz inherited the car from his father.  

Whenever he drives it, people take notice.  

"When I drive this car to a supermarket or to a hardware store, I have to spend an extra half hour, because I know when I come out there are gonna be people surrounding the car and asking me questions about it."

The pink Cadillac has been in the family for nearly 50 years.

"I learned to drive in this vehicle. During the time of me having my learning permit, my dad was sitting next to me, hanging on to the steering wheel, making sure that I didn't get it too close to the curb, to mess up the white-wall tires."

Pentz is not only a fan of classic cars, he's also a pastor.  

"Sometimes people ask me why it is that I love old cars and how does that fit with being a pastor, and one of the things I tell people is, there are things that have proven their value through the years. And I think faith in God is something that has proven its value going through the years."

 After discovering there were others at church who loved classic automobiles, Pentz says he got an inspiration:

"I thought we have enough interest here that we could probably have a car show."  

With more than 80 vehicles on display,  the money raised from the show was donated to a life-insurance fund for Atlanta police officers.  

The fund was created in honor of Officer Mark Cross, who was killed in the line of duty.

 "This is a wonderful opportunity for us to both show there is support from the community and also show the love that our officers receive from this kind of partnership.

"I am standing on cloud nine, with my toes dangling in star dust! This is as good as it gets!"

Organizers say next year's show is already in the works, and the pink Cadillac will again have a leading role.  


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