Web Exclusive: Pastor's pulpit rant goes viral

Web Exclusive

(CNN/KOKI) -  A pastor in Oklahoma is taking some heat for a controversial rant that went viral. During a service, he berates members of his congregation. It's received about 250- thousand hits on YouTube so far. 

It's not your typical Sunday sermon.  Pastor Jim Standridge says to member of the congregation, "And I noticed on the calendar I'm supposed to marry y'all.  What makes you think I would marry you? You're one of the sorriest church members I have." 

Pastor Jim Standridge is making no apologies.  "You're not worth 15 cents and you want me to marry you to her?" asked Pastor Standridge.
In an interview, he said that if there is a problem in his church, his members have to deal with him, even if it's in public.  "I do that a lot.  If you were a member here I might call your name out sometime," says Pastor Standridge.

This video of his sermon has gone viral and is now the talk of the town.  "His duty is to protect his congregation.  And you don't, it's like a business you don't bring everybody into one room and condemn somebody in front of everyone. That's not right. It destroys the person that is actually getting condemned," says a woman in the community.

Another person call it, "Pretty harsh." Another man in the community says, "Obviously it comes across as pretty direct and pretty blunt, but I don't' know what the context of the message was and what was going on, so."      

Pastor Standridge says he is a loving and caring man, even if he comes across harsh or even stern.  He says he's not afraid to hold people accountable in a public setting. 

"Most preachers would never do that, but I'm not most preachers," says Pastor Standridge. 

The pastor also says he's not there to grow a church, but to grow people.  As for the man, the pastor called out in his sermon, he no longer goes to that church.


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