Web Exclusive: Plug-in car named Motor Trend's Car of the Year

(CBS/CNN) - Tesla's "Model S" is Motor Trend's Car of the Year. It's the first time the magazine's award has gone to an all-electric car. 

The plug-in luxury car topped the list of 11 contenders that included models such as the Ford Fusion, Porsche 911 and Hyundai Azera.  The "Model S" ranges in price from 50-thousand dollars to nearly 100-thousand dollars.

This year some airlines are enforcing new policies for passengers who can't fit in a standard seat, meaning some flyers may face possible extra fees or be prevented from boarding the plane. 

Airfarewatchdog.com says different airlines have different approaches in dealing with overweight passengers.  They say airlines like American require overweight passengers to buy and extra seat if they can't buckle their seat belt with an extender, lower arm rests or if they are encroaching on the neighboring passenger.

Airfarewatchdog.com says carriers like Delta don't require an additional seat purchase, but they can ask a passenger to board another flight if space is limited.

Hostess brands says a crippling baker's union strike may force the maker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies to permanently close some of its plants.  The workers walked off the job last Friday, affecting 23 of Hostess' 36 plants.  The bakers union workers are protesting cuts in wages and benefits.

Kodak has reportedly reached a deal that may allow it to exit bankruptcy protection early next year.  The printing and photography company will reportedly borrow nearly $800 million dollars from a consortium of banks and a private investment firm.  Kodak will only get the money, if it is able to sell its patent portfolio for more than half a billion dollars.


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