Web Exclusive: Potty mouths could earn pink slips

(CNN/WCCB) - Be it the boss, co-workers, or even customers, more people say they have a laundry list of reasons to swear on the job.  But experts say your foul language could earn you a pink slip.

Word of potty mouths travel fast.  Even if no one says anything at the time, you could be racking up a record.  Employers cite swearing as one reason for firing 38% of the time.

"If you can't speak without using inappropriate language, then how professional are you really," asked LaShaune Tisdale, The Academy of Etiquette and Charm. 

CEO of Integra Staffing, Michelle Fish says foul language can come across aggressive and create a hostile working environment.  "You've got to watch your e-mails, you've got to watch the way your speak to people, your co-workers, your bosses, and your clients," says Michelle Fish, CEO of Integra Staffing.

For those that do, it doesn't go unnoticed, 57% of employers say they would be less likely to promote potty mouths.

"A lot of times, we use inappropriate language to sort of reinforce what we're saying, and ideally, if we're truly professional, we can find other appropriate words that we can use that are just as intense," says LaShaune Tisdale.  "There is no good time or place in a work environment to cuss, ever," says Michelle Fish, CEO of Integra Staffing

Whether you're meeting in the boardroom, chatting down the hallway even leaning over the cubicle, 51% of employees say they have cursed at work, but only half of those say they did so in front of their boss.


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