Web Exclusive: Protecting your precious cargo

Web Exclusive

(CBS/CNN) - For many drivers, it's their most precious cargo. But there's more to keeping child passengers safe than simply purchasing a car seat. With so many options, navigating the market for a child's car seat can be confusing. Safety advocates recommend some simple questions before traveling with little ones on board.  For example-- is the seat in the right direction,  is it the right seat for your child, and do you have the harnesses correct?

Here's another thing to keep in mind, hand-me-downs may save money, but an out-of-date car seat may put children at risk. "The other thing that parents may not realize is that car seats expire. There's a certain life time to a car seat. So don't be afraid to check for an expiration date on your car seat and know that if it's been around for awhile, it might be very well be an expired car seat," says Kate Carr with Safe Kids Worldwide.

After children are out of car seats and booster seats parents can continue to keep them safe by setting a good example and buckling up.  

A research firm is projecting holiday sales will be slower this year compared to last season. Shopper Trak says it expects retail revenue to rise 2 point 4 percent this November and December.  That's compared to a three percent increase in 2012 from 2011.
And Bill Gates is still the richest person in the U.S. Gates tops Forbes list of richest Americans for the 20th straight year with a net worth of $72 billion dollars. Warren Buffet is a distant second. 
Strong stock and real estate markets helped the rich get richer.



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