Web Exclusive: Remembering actor James Gandolfini

Web Exclusive

(CNN/CBS) - Fans and fellow actors are remembering actor James Gandolfini.  The actor died of an apparent heart attack while on vacation in Rome. Gandolfini, who was just 51 years old, was best known for his role as Tony Soprano on the HBO show "The Sopranos."  The award winning series ran for eight years.  Gandolfini won 3 Emmy for his role in the series.  He leaves behind a wife and 2 children.

A Houston restaurant ends up in a battle with a national chain over the name of one of its burgers.  Chris Shepherd opened his "Underbelly" restaurant about a year ago.  He named one of his burgers on the menu the "Double Double," not knowing "In-N-Out Burger" already had a trademark on the name.  Earlier this week, the award winning chef received a letter from the national chain asking him not to use the name. The popular Houston chef says he has no beef with the California based burger chain's request. His burger now has a new name-- "The UB Cease and Desist Burger."

Dunkin Donuts is joining the gluten free trend. Dunkin' Donuts says it plans to offer gluten-free cinnamon-sugar donuts and blueberry muffins by the end of this year. Gluten is the major protein found in grains like wheat, barley and rye, as well as in some deli meats and other packaged products.

A new business in Central Texas is getting people talking, not for the work they do, but mainly the way they advertise themselves.  It's called "Occasional Spouse."  It started up at the end of April.  The business does home services from refurbishing furniture and cleaning to yard work.
It was originally geared toward helping single people and the elderly, but continues to grow.



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