Web Exclusive: Royal baby news creates social media buzz

Web Exclusive

(CNN) - From the time Duchess Catherine went in the labor, to the moment she and Prince William emerged with their new little royal, Britain's most famous baby has generated a great deal of social media buzz.

Few babies debut with this kind of fanfare. When there weren't gun salutes and grand proclamations, the pitter patter of little royal tweets reached the millions.  "We were actually just around the corner and her friend tweeted so we just ran over," says a royal baby watcher.

Twitter's peak royal baby buzz on the royal birth day came minutes after the birth announcement at 8:37 p.m. London time on Monday, 2:37 p.m. in the Central U.S. generating 25,300 tweets per minute.  The highest volume of twitter traffic, from the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France and Italy.    

Facebook's royal baby peak came at the same time with just over 31,000 mentions.  Within one hour, Facebook says the royal baby had been mentioned more than one million times on the site around the globe.  Not surprisingly, Facebook found the most buzz came from Great Britain. 
The U.S. was second, followed by Canada, Italy and Australia.
The groups chatting the most about the baby boy, women ages 18 to 34.

"I wanted a girl, I'm not going to lie," says a royal watcher.  "Especially with the change in the rules. But hey, it's a boy.  So we celebrate anyways." 

After the royal birth and the royal debut, the topic now generating social media chatter around the new prince, speculation about his name.


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