Web Exclusive: Sending out an SOS for your email inbox

Web Exclusive

(CNN) - With so much of today's communication reliant on e-mail, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of messages we get every day and the way we organize our inboxes really can make a difference. We have some tips on tools you can use to reclaim and re-organize your inbox.    

It is easy to feel like you are drowning in e-mail and it takes real work to keep your inbox organized. So, how do you take back control of your inbox? CNN money put together a list of a few services, tips, and tools that may bring you a little more e-mail Zen. 

Do you want to get your most important e-mails first?  Try "Inky," this service will filter your e-mails for you. Spam and unwanted e-mails go to the bottom and messages from family or work contacts rise to the top.

Do you have a need for speed? Try "Zoomin," it will help you read, sort through and respond to e-mail quickly. How? It provides a summary of the e-mail you receive, so you don't even have to waste time opening the full e-mail and it offers pre-set replies already typed up for you.

And lastly, do you wish you could organize other people's e-mail boxes for them to your benefit? Try "Boomerang," this is a cool service that lets you decide when your e-mail will pop up in someone else's inbox. This avoids your e-mail getting lost in the shuffle and essentially sets a timer for your e-mail to send. 
CNN Money reports that workers get an average of 15,000 e-mails a year and spend 13 hours each week e-mailing back and forth. It's no wonder we all are in need of a little organization.


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