Web Exclusive: Seniors join in on Flash Mob craze

Web Exclusive

(CBS/KVAL) -  By now, you've probably heard of a flash mob, maybe even seen a few on the internet or on television, but maybe not one like this.  Some flash mobbers in Oregon-- ages 60 and up-- dropped their prop canes and started swing'in. 

In the latest flash mob to hit Eugene, Oregon, folks were not afraid to show off their dance moves.  But this one was a little different than others, call it a "senior citizen flash mob."

"Everybody was nervous of course, but they all got in there and they all did it," says Richard Walker, organizer.    
73-year-old Richard "Flash Dance" Walker came up with the idea back in March.  He says he kept watching flash mobs on the internet and YouTube -- and loved it.
"I noticed that all of them are done usually by younger people and so I thought, 'I can do this.
I wanna do it,'" says Walker.  And that's how the idea was born.

He didn't go to Twitter or Facebook to recruit people.  He did it the old fashioned way and put a request in the newspaper.

After four months of practicing, the group surprised the crowd at Oakway Center on Saturday.
The dance was a mix of music from their generation, but they also had some hip hop in there, too.
They're great.  They're right on cue.  They're doing a great job," says Walker.  Now walker gets to watch his flash mob on YouTube and he hopes others will learn a little from his dance friends.

"Age is just a number.  It's how you really feel and how you think and I've never felt like I was 73, never," exclaimed Walker!

Walker said Saturday's success may lead the group to try flash mobbing somewhere else, proving that the elderly can be hip without breaking a hip.



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