Web Exclusive: Serial job hopping may not hurt your career

Web Exclusive

(CNN) - Many people out there are looking for a new job and it's been a long-held belief that working for various employers over a short period of time carries a negative stigma.  But, according to a new survey, that may not be the case anymore.
Career Builder polled more than two thousand national hiring managers and some three thousand workers.  It found that working for various employees over a short period of time doesn't seem to carry the same negative stigma it once had.  The survey showed that job-hopping is being done more by employees and accepted more by employers.

More than half of employees surveyed -- 55% said they have hired a job hopper.  Nearly one third, 32% of all employers say they expect workers to job hop.  By the age of 35, 25% of workers held five or more jobs.  

But just know this, employers seemed to be less accepting of job hopping among older workers.  41% of employers said it is less acceptable when a worker reaches their mid-thirties and only 28% say it is acceptable after 40.  So this means there seems to be much more wiggle room for workers trying to build up a lot of skill sets over a range of experiences, but for only so long.


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