Web Exclusive: Smartphone photography hits new level

CNN) - It's the season for snapping pictures, and our smartphones make it easier than ever to get that quick shot of the kids with Santa or the Christmas tree in the living room. But an emerging crop of artists is taking simple smartphone photography to a new level.

With a vast array of tools to share photos and a smartphone in so many pockets, it can seem like everyone is a photographer. "I'm finding shots that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Mundane things that someone else wouldn't think about," says James Campbell, InstantDC Photographer. 
But some smartphone shooters are elevating the mundane into a new genre of art.
This is InstantDC, a recent Washington exhibition that lined gallery walls with photography... Taken with smartphones.  "We wanted to celebrate photography shot through a mobile phone, preferably iPhone for the most part," Michael Andrade, InstantDC Photographer. 
For some artists, the smartphone presents a challenge experimenting or carving a specialty with a medium photographers didn't have a decade ago.  For others, it's been a stepping stone.  "I went from iPhone to DSLR and now I shoot film. So for me, I learned about street photography about doing portraits and abstract and art so it really was kinda the gateway for me to learn more about photography," says Michael Andrade, InstantDC Photographer.

Photography instructor David Luria has opened up his Washington seminars to include students with smartphones because, he says, the perfect shot is less about the lens and more about what's in front of it.  "Photography still boils down to good composition. You have to have a good picture," says David Luria, Washington Photo Safari. 


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