Web Exclusive: Spirits go green

(CNN) - Cocktails are going green.  Organic distilled spirits are gaining momentum in the ever growing organic market.

"Everything organic seems to taste better," says bar patron. "Most of our alcohol base is natural ingredients: potatoes, rye," says DD, Bar Manager Organix. 

As the push for eating healthy becomes trendier, some people are now changing what they pour into their cocktail glasses.  "If you are going to drink, just rethink your drink. People are beginning to rethink what they are eating; we need to rethink what we are drinking,"Je' Wesley Day Organix Lounge Owner.

J. Wesley Day wants his Organix Lounge to be a trendsetter on the Atlanta bar scene, offering clients organic appetizers and a variety of organic cocktails.  He says organic is a perfect fit for the healthy and eco-consicous.  "Basically, here at Organix, we're trying to provide a healthier alternative for cocktails," says Day. 

If eating organic is your thing, then advocates say drinking organic spirits can be as well.
Mixologists are embracing the new twist organic spirits offer, handcrafting distilled spirits was a dream of Melkon Khosrovian and wife, Litty Mathew.  "We switched to organics, five years ago, because we found that as our farmers changed their crops to organic, we noticed that our spirits began to taste better," says Melkon Khosrovihan, Green Bar Collective.

The USDA has set specific guidelines for alcohol to get the organic seal.  Some of the things you should see on the label: they must contain at least 95 percent organically-produced ingredients, be processed using organically-produced processing aids, and not contain certain sulfites.

From the Green Bar Collective in Los Angeles all the way to the Organix Lounge in Atlanta, organic spirits are a hit with many customers.  "It taste a lot cleaner, smoother, and you don't get a hangover -- the biggest part," says Jashin Jones. "So we look at organic alcohol versus regular. Yes, there are some health benefits, but there are also some negatives that you have to be aware of," Marisa Moore, MBA, RD, LD-- American Dietetic Association Spokesperson. 

Health and carbon footprint aside, for some it's still all about one thing.  "I don't really care about the other stuff, it just tastes better to me," says Jones.  

Green Bar also plants a tree for each bottle of organic spirits sold. Since 2008, they say they've planted about 176,000 trees.


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