Web Exclusive: Squid frenzy lures fishing fans

(CNN) - A rare occurrence off the coast of California has sparked a new popular new activity: "Squiding."

It's a Southern California Squid frenzy. "Get 'em up and over. There we go."

Every night, fishing boats packed to the gills set off to hunt for two to three foot long, and sometimes bigger, squid. The sea here off Dana point is thick with krill-squid food. They make a fine squid steak.

The elusive creatures are good for sport fishing. They are bizarre, shooting ink and water as they fight to stay in the sea. When out of the water, they change colors, sometimes like a traffic light.

This is what the squid hunters have come after: Humboldt squid. There's the eye there.
Their teeth are right in there. If I stuck my hand in there, it'd try to grab me. They change colors amazingly. Somebody grabbed hold of this one, and you can see a perfect hand print, right there.

The Humboldt or Flying squid makes its home from Alaska to South America.
It is rare, very rare, to have so many squid off the coast here for so long, offering such great fishing, or squiding.

Todd Mansur, captain of the Sum Fun, knows these waters well. Tonight, he's the only guy who knows precisely where the squid are.

Boats from miles around hover, hoping for a squid bonanza.

"This is a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere."
"Exactly. I tried to move the boat forward to give room, and I couldn't. There's too many boats in front of us. It's just awesome,"said Mansur. 

2013 is shaping up to be the year of the squid.
A giant squid, a very distant cousin of the Humboldt, was seen for the first time in its natural habitat, 2,000-feet down off the coast of Japan.

Squid isn't just for breading and deep-frying anymore.

In popular culture, the squid agenda is alive and well and bent on world domination.
Did you see Gallaxhar in Monsters vs. Aliens?

"So, just to recap, I come in peace, I mean you no harm, and you all will die. Gallaxhar out."

All hail Gallaxhar.
Viva la squid.


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