Web Exclusive: Starbucks going eco-friendly with cups

(CNN/CBS) - Starbucks wants you to kick the habit of using throw away paper cups.  So, starting today, the coffee chain will start selling one-dollar reusable plastic cups to cut down on the waste.  That's according to USA today.  The eco-friendly cups will look similar to the paper version.

Starbucks already gives a 10-cent discount if you bring in your own cup for refills.  USA Today reports Starbucks will also clean the re-usable cup with boiling water before each refill.

A new Israeli law is taking on eating disorders.  It bans underweight models from catwalks and commercials.  The law uses body mass index to decide who can model, and who can't.

Anyone with a BMI less than 18-and-a-half, is out.  Spain and Australia have also set minimum weight limits for certain fashion shows. 

Some of you might remember the old Facebook "poke."  You know, the little nudge to remind your friends you exist.  Well, the social media site has re-launched "poke" as an app.  And it's not getting great reviews. In fact, some are calling it a dud.  Basically, the new poke- feature copies snap-chat, the app where users messages self-destruct.

Rapper Jay-Z is taking part in the remake of the film "The Great Gatsby."  It was revealed on twitter that Jay-Z has been composing a score for the movie.  You can expect to see the film in theaters some time this summer.  It stars Leonardo Dicaprio, Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire.


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