Web Exclusive: Starbucks rolling out designer carbonated drinks

Web Exclusive: Starbucks rolling out designer carbonated drinks

(CBS) - Just in time for summer, how does a cold Starbucks soda sound?  Starting today, the coffee giant will be rolling out a designer soft drink.  
The new beverage, Fizzio, will be handmade right in front of customers.  You can also customize the drink by choosing just how much fizz you'd like.
The Fizzio handcrafted sodas will come in three flavors: spiced root beer, golden ginger ale and lemon ale.  Prices start at $2.45 cents for Tall.
The new Fizzio isn't everywhere yet.  It'll be available at 3,000 locations in 16 states.

But customers everywhere may get a jolt today when they see the prices. Customers have to shell out five to 20 cents more for depending on size and the type of coffee.  Also the bagged coffee Starbucks sells in supermarkets will go up next month about a buck.  Coffee bean prices have sky-rocketed recently but the Seattle chain says many factors contributed to the price hike.

Remember about 10 years ago when those popular terry cloth track suits and tees said 'Juicy is Forever'. Turns out it's not.  'Juicy Couture' is closing 100 stores in the U.S. as it continues to struggle financially.  It will keep open its 60 international stores.

A car recall is expanding. Now 7 major automakers are impacted.  BMW, Chrysler, Ford and Honda now recalling cars because air bags could rupture and not work properly. Mazda, Nissan and Toyota had already announced their recalls.  All the air bags were made by the same supplier in Japan.  Humidity appears to play a role.  The recall is limited to areas with hot and humid weather.


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