Web Exclusive: Steak N Shake employee gets big tip

Web Exclusive


(CNN/WTHR) -  They say it pays to be nice, but for one friendly waitress in Indiana, the pay-off was one whopper of a tip. 

When it comes to restaurant tipping, etiquette authority Emily Post says the rule of thumb is 15 to 20%.  Of course, you can go higher for great service. But when was the last time you tipped more than 7,000%?

A server at an Indianapolis Steak & Shake restaurant knows what it's like to get that.  Cece Bruce was just doing her job, keeping a good attitude on an average day when one of her regulars left this: $446 dollars even, on a bill of 6 bucks!  That's not tipping, that's tripping!

At first, Bruce thought it was $46 dollars, and she hesitated at that.  When she realized it was almost ten times that much.  She tried to refuse it altogether.  "I didn't think I was worth 400 dollars, but you know, apparently she feels that I am," says Cece Bruce.

After some argument, the part-time student accepted it, and she plans to use the extra money to pay bills.  It's hard to say if she'll ever see a receipt like that again, but it's one tip Cece could literally take to the bank.



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