Web Exclusive: Students create a Facebook "Compliments Page"

Web Exclusive: Students create a Facebook "Compliments Page"

(CNN/KTNV) - Bullying is a hot topic in the news, but students at one high school are pouring themselves into just the opposite.  Instead of breaking one another down, students at Advanced Technologies Academy in Las Vegas are lifting each other up and they're using a Facebook page called A-Tech compliments to do it.

His friends know who he is now, but Wilson To remained anonymous for the entire school year.
He secretly created a Facebook page called A-Tech compliments -- a place where students could post anonymous encouragement to one another.

"I wanted to make a page like that, so people could communicate that extra nice thing to one another, give compliments to thank people for just being who they are," says Wilson To.

Students on campus loved the site and the compliments started pouring in, but nobody knew Wilson was behind it.  He started the site, screened the compliments, and launched a kindness movement that swept A-tech, with more than 500 regular followers.

"It's just another example of what's so neat about the students at A-Tech.  It was student-driven and students bought in to it," says Debbie Kral, Principal.

Wilson had no idea it would be such a big deal until he began to see the effect a simple compliment could have.

"A lot of these quiet individuals who don't think much of what they do but when they get the responses that I've seen before, complimenting them for their intelligence, for their charisma, all these things they didn't realize about themselves, it helps to build a lot of self esteem," says Wilson To.  

At the end of the school year, an announcement over the intercom asked the creator of the Facebook page to please reveal themselves and Wilson walked into the room.  He has now graduated and is training another administrator who will take care of the page.  In keeping with tradition, that person will remain confidential too.



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