Web Exclusive: Taylor Swift channels Rapunzel for Disney

(CNN) - Some folks who read Lance Armstrong's best-seller, "It's Not about the Bike" want their money back.  Armstrong recently confessed to using drugs to boost his performance during his seven Tour de France wins.

Now, a class action suit against Armstrong and his book publishers accuse them of peddling fiction as fact.  The lawsuit, filed this week in California, also mentions Armstrong's other book, "every second counts."  Taylor swift is channeling her inner fairy tale princess for a new Disney print campaign.  Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz shot the songstress portraying Rapunzel.  The ad features the tagline, "where a world of adventure awaits." It's part of an ongoing celebrity ad campaign at Disney. This shot will debut in upcoming issues of "Vanity Fair," "In Style" and "People."

Paula Deen is sharing her weight loss secrets in the latest issue of "People."  The 66-year-old celebrity chef has lost 40 pounds since she was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes one year ago.  She says her family has adopted a healthier lifestyle, with her husband and sons shedding weight as well.  She says her new mantra is, "moderation, moderation, moderation."

Lady Gaga's outfits are often a work of art.  Now, so is the singer herself.  The owner of a Phoenix bakery has created a life-size Lady Gaga cake.  The man behind the frosting, Jay Murphy, is a huge fan of the pop star.  The entire cake weighs 180 pounds -- the frosting and fondant alone weighs 80 pounds.  Murphy made the cake ahead of Lady Gaga's concert in Phoenix yesterday as part of her North American tour.  He says his gaga masterpiece won't be for sale but will be put on display at his bakery.


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