Web Exclusive: Tech companies asking for surveillance reform

Web Exclusive

(CBS) - 8- technology companies including Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter have issued a letter to President Obama asking for reforms in the way the government conducts surveillance. The companies say the balance has tipped too far in favor of the state and away from the rights of individuals.  The campaign is not just focused at the U.S. government. It will also target countries around the world.

And Greek yogurt is going to the Super Bowl.  Chobani says it will air its first Super Bowl ads in February to help increase name recognition.  Greek yogurt now accounts for more than a third of the U.S. yogurt market and Chobani is the biggest brand.

The U.S. government is out of the car business.  The Treasury Department sold it's last shares of General Motors yesterday.  The sale left taxpayers more than 10 billion dollars short. In 2009, the government paid about 50 billion dollars to bail out the automaker.
If you want a better job, you could consider this strategy.  A columnist with the Harvard Business Review says the key may be bigger food portions.  Andrew O'Connell writes in the business publication "Quartz" that larger portions may elevate your status, at least in the eyes of coworkers and bosses. He says you should surround yourself with the lifestyle you want, not the one you have, and that includes ordering a bigger cup of coffee or a larger lunch.



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