Web Exclusive: Teen fighting back against bullying with her music

Web Exclusive

(CNN) - It may have pop appeal, but a song written by one Atlanta area teen also has a serious message about bullying.  She's now fighting back at bullies through music.

Madisyn Elise has found her voice. An altercation with schoolmates has inspired what may be her breakout song.  "My friends; they said some really hurtful things to me, and I don't know if they even realized how much it hurt me when they said it, so when I got home, I decided to write a song about it," says Madisyn Elise.

With its powerful lyrics referencing suicide, the song, "Crazy Crazy," was alarming for her dad, too.  "The first thing I said was, 'Baby are you ok?' And she said, 'Yes, dad, I'm fine.' And I said, 'No I wanna know are you okay because I'm hearing suicide, I'm hearing despair, I'm hearing can't go on, I'm hearing hate,'" says Robert Kenner, Madisyn's father.

Moved by the song, and after Madisyn reassured him that she ok, he told a producer friend about it.  "He tried to sing it to me, I was like uh, let's put Madisyn on the phone to let me hear how it sounds. From a 12 year-old, hearing the lyrics, I was really taken back," says Ernest Robinson, music producer.

For Madisyn, like many kids who write in their diaries, it was therapeutic.

"This song was really special to me because I had gone through many things, like just finding myself, and dealing with depression and dealing with everyday struggles of being a teenager," says Madisyn.

Talking to trusted adults is one of the most recommended outlets for teens, says Dr. Mark Crawford, so they don't internalize their feelings.

"Any outlet that helps them feel connected to a peer group is very important; whether that's a sports team, a club at school, or a church group; but getting involved with a group where they can feel they're a part of that group is probably one of the best things that they can do," says Dr. Mark Crawford.

Madisyn hopes her message is clear to others who've been bullied.  "That they're not alone; that they're not the only one experiencing these things, and that it will get better," says Madisyn.

Madisyn is in the studio working her next song, and her family is considering starting an anti-bullying non-profit.



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