Web Exclusive: Texas mom accused of using stun gun on child

Web Exclusive

(CBS/CNN) - A Texas mother is accused of using a stun gun on her own child.  Police in Pflugerville arrested Kimira Hysaw.  They say she used the stun gun as punishment on her 14 year old son.  The woman's family is denying this ever happened.  The police report says otherwise.  It says an officer found burn marks on the 14 year old's back and arms and that his two younger siblings told police mommy uses a stun gun on him when he's "bad."  Hysaw is facing a felony charge of injury to a child.

A herring gull and pelican are on the mend after someone wrapped beer cans around their necks.  Florida wildlife crews received a call Monday about the injured birds on big pine key, about 30 miles east of Key West.  They found the semi-paralyzed brown pelican and a weak, emaciated herring gull. Each had a beer can around its neck like a collar.  Authorities say they were gasping for breath and wouldn't have survived another day.  The birds are said to be doing well and should be released back into the wild soon.

Disney has some big plans for the star wars franchise.  CEO Bob Iger says the company is developing some stand-alone movies featuring Star Wars characters, though he didn't say which characters might be featured.  Disney bought Lucas Films, including the Star Wars franchise last year for 4 billion dollars.

Pigs can't fly, but one pig can hang-10.  Two month old, Zorro, has been trotting to the beach with his owner matt since he was 3 weeks old.  At times, the pig gets scared when he is surfing, but Matt says he is a good swimmer.  His owner says the pig will keep surfing until he's the size where he can't.


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