Web Exclusive: The great beverage debate over health benefits of beer vs. wine

Web Exclusive

(CNN/CBS) - Actress Mia Farrow hints in Vanity Fair, the only biological son she had with director Woody Allen, may be the son of Frank Sinatra. 

25-year-old Ronan Farrow, who was born 20 years after Farrow's marriage to Sinatra ended, is reportedly close to the late singer's family. A rep for Woody Allen calls the article fictitious and extravagantly absurd.
Many people have sworn off drinking beer, worried about getting a beer belly. But could beer be better for our health than we think? A lot of experts think the brewski is getting an undeserved bad rap. It's the great beverage debate -- wine or beer -- which one is healthier? Turns out there are actually a lot of unknown healthy benefits to your brew. Beer and wine actually contain the same amount anti-oxidants. The protein and B-vitamin content of beer is higher than that in wine. Beer also contains silicon, which is found in few foods and is linked to bone strength. But, don't get too excited! Experts do add that the alcohol in beer mostly cancels out these benefits. Have any leftover beer, though? There's a benefit to that too.
Pour beer on your hair and it will restore life, shine and smooth your hair. 
It's been offered in select areas already, but a braille gift card will now be available at all Starbucks registers.  The company made the announcement Wednesday. The card was originally introduced September 2011, at the urging of disability advocates. Starbucks says it was asked to offer it year-round by a mother who says her blind daughter appreciates the independence the card gives her. 
The government shutdown will not halt the navy-air force football game this weekend. 
Apparently, planning and preparation for the nationally televised game was in place before the shut down and it all involves non-appropriated funds. 


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