Web Exclusive: Thrifting is becoming more popular and trendy

Web Exclusive

(CNN) -  Buying your clothes from thrift stores, also called, "thrifting," is becoming more popular and trendy.  An example of how it's grown: Goodwill Industries reported an 83% increase in revenue from 2007 to 2012. 

Do you want to know what some fashionistas are rockin these days? No, it's not the latest couture.  "The total cost of her outfit is $14.93," says the fashion show commentator. They're showing off outfits from their favorite thrift stores in the Style Wars Fashion show. It's part of the first, and they hope, annual thrift week in Atlanta. Organizer Keren Charles says thrifting is a fun and smart way to shop for the latest trends.

"When you see other people doing things and you see all the great pieces that they find, it kind of motivates you to at least try it," says Keren Charles.

And she's noticing that more people, like Nashanta Davis, are trying it for many reasons.  "What I love about thrifting is the thrill of it.  The challenge in finding something unique that everybody else isn't going to wear," says Nashanta Smith Davis.  And of course, people love saving money.

"Back then when I started in high school, there was really a stigma attached to it.  People always thought if you went to a thrift store, you were either poor, homeless or you just could not afford another way of getting clothes, so I didn't tell a lot of people about it," says Charles.

Many "thrifters" like Charles are blogging about their latest finds. This is good news for places like the nearly new thrift shop in Atlanta. It's been run for more than 60 years by the Junior League of Atlanta to raise money to support charities. Camille Kesler, the league's president, says they've been seeing more customers in the last few years.

"We literally some days before the store opens at 10 o'clock there's a line outside at 9:30 with people lining up waiting to come here to shop," says Camille Kesler, President of the Junior League of Atlanta.
What are they waiting for? A pair of $45 Christian Dior sandals, which costs about $200 in a department store or a $40 Giorgio Armani suit, which sells at a department store for over $1,000.

"And with so many deals, Kesler is hoping this trend isn't just a fad. I hope it's here to stay and it seems to be that its here to stay because the economy is on an upturn as we all know and yet our doors keep opening," says Kesler.

Charles says for shoppers, there is a downside to the rising popularity of thrifting.

"The competition is kind of fierce now because you're in the thrift stores and you're seeing so many other people," says Charles.  And she also says prices have recently crept up, but: "It's still better than shopping at a department store," says Charles.

Good news for East Texans, there are places you can go thrifting.  We have our own Goodwill store, plus a Salvation Army thrift store.  There are a number of re-sale shops, too!



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