Web Exclusive: "Time" reveals why you may be addicted to TV shows

Web Exclusive

(CNN) - There is a reason for the phrase "can't miss TV."  There are certain tools that your favorite TV shows use to hook you in and keep you watching.  Time Magazine pulled together the research.

"Time" finds quick scene changes, how scenes are edited, can control our attention.  This keeps the viewer from zoning out.  "Time" looked at research from Princeton University.  It shows that if directors work hard to control your focus on a scene, making you focus on exactly what they want you to look at, this draws you in much more.

Also, the cliffhanger isn't just at the end of an episode.  Shows design their script for mini-cliffhangers before each commercial break.  So, the next time you feel glued to your TV, look out for some of these tactics, I bet you'll see them.

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