Web Exclusive: Toddler buys car on eBay

Web Exclusive

(CNN/KOIN) - A 14-month old toddler manages to buy a car on eBay. Of course, she had no idea she was doing it. This is one of those smart-phones-gone wrong stories.

Kids can be busy-bodies. Sorella Stoute from Portland, Oregon sure is.  "She tends to be pretty active," says her dad, Paul Stoute.  

She loves a super-solid, crash-tested smart phone. And car keys are pretty cool too!  So, it all added up last month, when dad received notice from eBay, congratulating him on his purchase of a gently used, 1962 Austin Healey Sprite, for just over $200 dollars.

"$225 is what it ended up total costing. She decided I think to open the eBay app, and started clicking around and one thing led to another and we own a car, hahah," says Paul.    

A "FrankenSprite" to be exact.  You can imagine mom and dad's reaction when they found out about little Sorella's on-line shopping spree.  "Panic, hahaha, initial panic, just what do we do.
We can't really afford it kind of thing," says Paul. 

But, they decided to keep it.

"She says Sorella bought a car, and I said yeah right, and she says no, Sorella bought a car on eBay and we have to buy it. And I was, OK," says Starlene Stenejhem, grandmother.

She can steal your heart, she's so cute. And she got away with this stunt too. How many 14 month olds can say they bought something online -- let alone a classic roadster with a good set of Michelins?  "Kinda cool, did she do a good thing? Uh yeah, I mean it's gonna be a lot of work," says Paul.

Dad says he'd like to restore it. He just started a page on one of those fundraiser websites. He hopes to have it in tip-top shape sometime, maybe give it to Sorella for her 16th birthday, or graduation.

"I've done a lot of body work in the past like Bondo and stuff like that but this is, another realm altogether, I'm just glad she didn't buy the 38,000 dollar Porsche I was also looking at," says Paul.

Since Sorella bought the car, her father has activated facial recognition technology and has a new pin code, just in case she ever gets the shopping bug again.



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