Web Exclusive: Tutoring for students turns high tech

Web Exclusive

(CBS) - You may be able to save money on a tutor by turning to technology. To keep your student on the right track,  check out a few apps and websites that will help deliver that ‘A' at the end of the school year.

If your child is specifically looking for math help, then Tabtor.com is a great place to start. It's an iPad program that provides individualized lessons for your students, aged kindergarten through sixth grades. It's all multimedia based to make learning fun: there are videos, games, rewards and most importantly, feedback from real teachers on a regular basis. After the free two-week trial, membership to Tabtor is fifty bucks a month. 

For older students who need a little extra help studying, but might be short on time, check out the 5-dollar iOS app, Outlines Outloud. To get it to work, students need to create their study notes in the form of an outline. Once they do, and put it in a specific DropBox folder, then Outlines Outloud will convert it to spoken word. It's great for auditory learners and people who want to review notes while on the go. 



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