Web Exclusive: Weekend indulging may not wreck your diet

Web Exclusive

(CNN) - If you are trying to lose weight, it is usually easier to stick to your diet during the week.

On Monday, many of us start to worry about what the weekend dinners out and breakfast pancakes did to all of our hard work and healthy choices during the week.  But there may be some good news for all of us who are stuck in this routine.

So, you may have fallen off your diet wagon over the weekend but if you're trying to lose weight, don't panic!  A little indulgence may actually help you lose weight.

A new study shows that there is a natural weekly rhythm to weight loss and gain.  The study -- published in the journal, obesity facts -- says that people weigh the most on Sunday and Monday and they weigh the least on Fridays.

The study also points out that people can compensate for weekend gain during the work week. In fact, they say allowing yourself a treat during the weekend may help you stay focused on your weight loss goals.

Long-term healthy eating habits make more of a difference than short term splurges, like occasionally going out to dinner.  What sets people apart in weight loss is those people who remain dedicated to their goals Monday through Friday.

Now this Friday is Valentines day and you might have something indulgent planned, but it sounds like we can all indulge a bit in sweets or a special meal.  Just remember, we need to get back on the wagon come Monday.


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