Web Exclusive: What you study, more important than where?

Web Exclusive: What you study, more important than where?

(CBS/CNN) - It looks like what you study is more important than where you do it when it comes to finding a high paying job.  A new report from the Department of Education looked at the class of 2008 four years after graduation.  It found students with degrees in science, technology, engineering or math make, on average, about 15 thousand dollars more a year than those with other degrees.  Overall, college grads from private schools earned about the same as those from public.

More Americans are ditching their landlines.  A government survey found that 4 in 10 American households only use cell phones.  That's twice as many as five years ago, but the pace seems to be leveling off.  Experts say many people hold onto their land lines because they're part of a cable or TV package.  If you're flying this summer, get ready to pay more.  The transportation security administration is raising passenger security fees effective July 21st at U.S. airports.  The fees help fund TSA  Airport security efforts.  Starting on the 21st, the TSA will start charging a flat fee of $5.60, no matter how many planes you board en route.  

Americans aren't stockpiling assault rifles like they used to, which is why gun sales have fallen sharply from a year ago.  CRT research says sales dropped 7.6% through the end of June, compared to the first half of last year.  Gun enthusiasts apparently aren't as worried about new federal gun restrictions going into effect, the way they were in 2013.

So there is a lot less urgency for people to run out and buy assault weapons while they still can.  President Obama tried to pass a gun bill last year that would have restricted military-style semiautomatic rifles.  But the legislation failed in the senate.  A CRT analyst says the number one driver for big sales spikes has been fear of legislation, but he said the industry is still strong.  Gun makers say while rifle sales are dropping, sales of handguns are climbing.


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