Web Exclusive: What's eating all your smartphone data?

(CNN) - Between texting, tweeting and smartphone apps, it's easy to get to the middle of the month and ask, "where did my data go?" Some sneaky things could be pushing you over your limit.

Posting, watching, listening, and sharing.most of us have an idea of where our data goes, when we're on the go.  But, what happens to the rest of it?  As unlimited data plans become more scarce, consumers are counting their texts, tweets and emails -- hoping to avoid fat overage fees.  Tech writer Rob Pegoraro says a lot more data can get used, by the things you're not using.

"That can be a risk, especially with Android, where a lot more apps can do stuff on their own in the background," says Pegoraro.  "I've been testing this Android tablet and the second biggest consumer of data on this thing, is some application that downloads news articles -- that I don't think I've ever actually used."

Another culprit, constant app updates. "You might not think each one adds up to a whole lot, but when you have new versions coming up every week, and you just know to tap that "Update Now" button, that can add up as well," he says.

A Youtube video clip or two won't burn through your data, but watching those longer TV shows and movies can.  Pegoraro says smartphone users can keep tabs on what's eating up data with an app like "My Data Manager" for Android or Apple.  Also, switch over to wi-fi with your device to cut down on data usage, whenever you can.


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