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(CNN) - The iPhone 5 is already a best-seller, with a record two million pre-sale orders, but some analysts say this could be the last major seller for Apple.

A researcher at Macquarie securities says 57 percent of American wireless customers now own smart-phones, and the number could hit 70 percent next year.  That's the saturation point where tech products like cable and broadband tend to see growth taper off.

There's also increased competition from other manufacturers in the form of cheaper android phones. And, some people waiting on their new iPhone 5 will have to wait a little longer.  Apple says pre-orders of the phone won't ship for three to four weeks.

Also trending today, thrill-seekers at Knott's Berry Farm in California got an extended ride night last night, when their ride got stuck high in the sky.  The ride they were on malfunctioned, leaving them 300-feet in the air for hours.  Engineers were able to get everyone down safely after about three hours.  This is the second time in two weeks that the ride, called "The Windseeker", has broken down.

(CNN/KCBD) - Early on September 10th, an officer in Lubbock was responding to a minor car accident, when a car slams into a cruiser, sending it barreling toward the cars on the shoulder.

On the dash cam video, you can see officer Philip Standefer push a woman out of the way -- possibly saving their lives.  The officer suffered some scrapes and bruises.  Police say the man who hit the police car was driving too fast and was drunk.

(CNN/KYW) - An incredible story of survival for a beagle in New Jersey.  For some reason, the dog decided to take a swim in the Delaware river. On Friday, she dove in from the middle of a bridge, 135 feet above the water.

She'd been on a walk with her owner when she took off.  Rushing to the bridge, her owners learned what seemed like the impossible.  A police officer said he saw Brandi, doggie- paddling toward shore.  They found her hiding in a thicket near the promenade.  Amazingly enough, Brandi only suffered a bruise on her stomach.


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