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(CNN/ KABC) - Money goes flying through the air during a high speed chase in Los Angeles.

The suspected bank robbers tossed hundreds of dollars out of the stolen SUV during the 90-minute pursuit.  You could see crowds running into the streets to grab the stolen cash.  Two suspects were pulled out and arrested when they got stuck in traffic.  Police are asking people who picked up the cash to give it back because it is now evidence in a federal crime.

(CNN) - Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby is suing the federal government over the affordable care act mandate.  Chain founder, David Green, says his Christian-based company should not have to pay for emergency contraceptives, like the so called morning-after pill.

The company once provided the pills as part of its insurance plan, but removed them after the health care mandate was examined.  Hobby Lobby is asking a federal judge to issue an injunction against the health care law, which would impact the store beginning in January.  This is one of 27-similar lawsuits filed against the contraception mandate.

(CBS) - Investors liked what they saw in Apple's new iPhone.  The stock climbed more than 9 dollars a share.  Apple's new iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter than its previous model.

The iPhone 5 also has a faster processor and a larger 4 inch screen.  It will hit stores Sept 21st.  Analysts expect Apple to sell 22 million of phones between now and Christmas.

(CNN/WTHR) - If you're like most people, you can't watch movies without popcorn, but because of the drought, it might cost you more.  Retail prices have jumped from about $20 dollars for a 50 pound bag to $30 or higher.  It's all because of the dry, hot summer.

But, it's not just the price of popcorn prices that have gone up. It's also oil. Corn oil has skyrocketed.  So if you love popcorn, you may have to budget a little more for a bag or bucket, especially as the holiday season arrives.


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