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(CNN/CTV) - Things got a little batty on the set of CTV's Ottawa Newsroom.  A bat flew behind the anchor as he delivered the news -- and later flew behind the weatherman.  Several employees tried to capture the winged creature -- while others ran away.  The bat eventually left through a side door.

(CBS) - NASA successfully launched twin satellites into orbit this morning.  An unmanned rocket carrying the two storm probes blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida just after 3 this morning.  The satellites will study the earth's radiation belts, specifically the Van Allen radiation belts.

(CNN) - Whitney Houston will be honored with a photo tribute book releasing in November. Publisher, Atria Books, says it will contain approximately 130 pictures of the artist from her most notable photo shoots.  The pictures of Houston were donated from 22 different photographers.   In addition to images, the book will also contain essays from people who loved the star and knew her well.

The latest accusation against Lindsay Lohan is all lies, she says.  Celebrity website TMZ says Lohan allegedly stole items from a friend's house during a party.  TZ adds the owner of the stolen items chose not to prosecute once he learned Lohan was a suspect.  Lohan took to twitter to air her complaint, tweeting "whenever I'm doing great, people fabricate lies." the starlet has been working on her public image after past legal troubles.


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