Web Exclusive: Your coffee fix may cost less soon

Web Exclusive

(CBS) - Good news if you need your morning cup of coffee.  It could soon cost you less.  Coffee bean prices are at their lowest level in 3 years because of a bumper crop.  Coffee supplies this year are expected to outpace demand by more than 2 million bags because of increased output from Colombia. Experts say that could result in lower coffee prices at the supermarket in the coming weeks.

Chrysler issues a warning for owners of the 2013 Dodge Challenger with V6 engines.  The company says not to drive them. A wiring harness can overheat and catch fire.  The recall affects about 4,500 vehicles built in the two months prior to January 24th.

There's a new way to tell when, to say when.  Soon your phone will be able to figure out if you're too drunk to drive.  A Silicon Valley company called Breathometer hopes to give you some quick answers in a miniature machine that connects to your phone.  There are already two other versions out, but the Breathometer fits on a key chain.  The app also gives you choices to call a cab or even a friend who might be nearby.  Breathometers are expected to be available this summer.

And New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants stores to keep tobacco products hidden in hopes of reducing smoking among young people.  The tobacco would only be visible while an adult is buying it or while being restocked.  If passed, New York City would be the first in the nation with such a law.


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