West Nile victim unable to drive for 6 months

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (KHOU) – A 58-year-old woman battling the West Nile virus in Montgomery County is focused on getting her life back on track.

Becky Brisco contracted the mosquito borne virus almost a month ago.

She spent nearly two weeks in the hospital, and her recovery is far from over.

The grandmother from River Plantation has been told by doctors that she can't drive for six months. She also hasn't been able to walk up a flight of stairs to her bedroom.

"People don't realize how far you can go before you start coming back," explained Becky Brisco. "Your teeth hurt when you try to open your mouth. Your eyelashes hurt when you try to look at something."

Brisco is one of ten confirmed cases of West Nile this year in Montgomery County. One of those patients did not survive.

"I think there are so few cases that are confirmed, that the public really doesn't understand the magnitude of the illness," said Brisco.

Montgomery County announced Wednesday that aerial spraying is scheduled to happen over the next two weekends.

Brisco believes that should have happened weeks ago with how many mosquitoes have been testing positive for the virus.

"Why hadn't they been doing it since the middle of July when I got sick," said Brisco. "To me, they've wasted four weeks and I don't understand that."

The aerial spraying comes with a price tag of one million dollars.

A county spokesman told KHOU that spending that kind of taxpayer money takes a lot of consideration and is a last resort.

The county says it is still waiting on environmental agencies and the FAA to issue the necessary permits.



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