What if Tyler bars and clubs stayed open until 2 am?

What if Tyler bars and clubs stayed open until 2 am?

TYLER (KYTX) - It's something that some people say is long overdue in Tyler. Right now, there's a push to extend bar and club hours until 2 am in Tyler.

Coach's and Cowboy's bartender Becky Isbell sometimes serve up a petition with a glass of beer.

"I think it's a great idea, I think that Tyler really needs it," said Becky Isbell.

She's one of many Tyler bartenders who want to see hours extended at local bars and clubs.

"Basically, our business is going to Longview and to Jacksonville. We could have it right here," added Isbell.

It's because those two cities have bars and clubs that stay open until two in the morning.

"We thought we would do it for about 4 months and present it to the city council," said Don Wright.

Don Wright is one of the people behind the petition. It was the idea of one of his employees who wants to see people stay close to home.

"They're leaving these clubs around here in Tyler at 11:15....and they're little tipsy there...they go over there and come back real tipsy," said Wright.

He says it's not about the money, because most bar owners, don't expect to see a huge boost by staying open an extra hour.

It's about keeping people from drinking in Tyler and driving more than 30 miles to Longview or Jacksonville.

"If we stayed open until two here, that would cut that, eliminate that completely," explained Isbell.

As people continue to put their names on these petitions, local bar and clubs can only hope city leaders will hear their plea.

"They can only say one thing, yes or no, it doesn't hurt to ask," said Wright.

So, what does the city have to say about this?

State law allows for cities to extend hours for on-premise consumption to 2 am. The city council would have to vote to change the current ordinance.

The people behind the petition estimate they have received well over 1,000 signatures in the past month. But, there's no set number of signatures needed to present it to the city council.

For a look at the online petition, click here


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